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Bulk buy thc cartridges with best prices, get your  best wholesale weed prices from PiccoSales Buds with legit, reliable and guaranteed delivery worldwide.

Wholesale Prices 

THC Cartridges

100 cartridges $1000

200 cartridges $1700

500 cartridges $3500

1000 cartridges $6000

From 100 to 1000 cartridges we supply at the-same prices above 1000 cartridges contact us.

Weed Prices 

1 Pound(LB) $1000

2 Pounds(LB) $1700

5 Pounds(LB) $3500

10 Pounds(LB) $6000

From 1-10 Pounds We ship at the-same price above 10 pounds contact us

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